Alanna: The First Adventure, by Tamora Pierce

I suspect this will be a surprise to a lot of you, search but reviewing books is not my day job, more about and this week I’m ramping up to the busiest weekend of my life. Therefore, I’ve decided to review old favorites this week — books I don’t need to reread in order to review. Rest assured that I have read these books, many times each, but don’t be surprised if they all get incredibly high ratings.

I’ll kick off this week with probably the oldest favorite, Tamora Pierce’s first novel. I first read this book back, I think, just before sixth grade (which would have been around 1993) because I wasn’t quite sure what an ‘Alanna’ was. I read that book probably three or four times before I realized it was the first book in a series. Naturally, I caught up quickly.

In a pseudo-medieval country (with magic) called Tortall, Alanna of Trebond is ten, and has a twin brother, Thom. He is to be sent off to the capital to be trained as a knight; she is to be sent north to be trained as a lady in a convent. The problem is, of course, that Alanna is a total tomboy and has no desire, ever, to be a proper lady, and that Thom has a lot of magical talent and really doesn’t want to be a knight. The obvious solution? They switch places. It’s not that easy, of course; she has to hide the fact that she’s a girl. Alanna, or ‘Alan’ as she is called now, realizes that she has to work twice as hard to accomplish things; she’s also short and skinny. And let’s not forget the later problems that come with being a girl — imagine binding your breasts and fencing all day long. Yeah. Continue reading Alanna: The First Adventure, by Tamora Pierce