The Becoming (Anna Strong, book 1), by Jeanne Stein

This is the first in an urban fantasy series, pestilence published by Ace Books. They were recommended in a generic “If you like X, you’ll like Y” situation: X was probably either Laurell K. Hamilton’s works, Kim Harrison’s works, or Kelley Armstrong. I think it’s fairly obvious that I like Kelley Armstrong’s works, and I’m a fan of Kim Harrison as well. I won’t comment on Laurell K. Hamilton.

Anyway, Anna Strong is a bounty hunter. No, that doesn’t mean she goes after people and kills them for the money involved; mostly she finds people who have broken their probation or jumped bail. She has a partner, David, who is much larger than she is, but rarely does it turn into a physical fight. If it does, she’s prepared; she kicks butt and takes names. However, one night they take on a bail-skipper who turns out to be a little too dangerous for them; he attacks Anna and turns her into a vampire. From there she learns that there’s a large underground network of vampires, including the chief of police, doctors, and other important local officials. She gains a mentor. However, someone still seems to be after her life. Continue reading The Becoming (Anna Strong, book 1), by Jeanne Stein