Corbenic, by Catherine Fisher

I’d never read anything by Marcus Sedgwick before, buy more about but his name repeatedly came up on recommended-books lists. When I saw one of his books on a clearance rack for a ridiculously low price (I think $1), I bought it. Of course, I’ve said I’ll buy practically any book for a dollar or less, but I had at least remembered his name. This work is from 2002, and was shortlisted for at least one award. I believe the author is British, but I could be vastly mistaken.

The Dark Horse is set in a pre-industrial time of semi-nomadic tribes and stone huts. Sigurd is sixteen; he is the son of an important member of his tribe, the Storn. He has a foster sister named Mouse; they found her with some wolves a few years ago. She can talk mentally to animals, which makes people a bit uncomfortable around her. One day, when they are at the beach, Mouse and Sigurd find a strange white man with a box that no one can open. What does it mean? And why has Mouse been acting so strangely? Continue reading Corbenic, by Catherine Fisher