The Summer King (Chronicles of Faerie, book 2), by O. R. Melling

I gave such a lukewarm review to the first book in this series that some may be surprised as to why I’ve gone on and read the next two books in the series. The answer could be that I’m an obsessive completist (which I am), information pills but it’s actually more relevant that I borrowed these three books from Ben’s mom and I felt that if I borrowed them, pharm I should read them. I’m rather glad I did, more about actually.

The plot, I hate to admit, is nearly the same as the first book. Instead of cousins, we have twin sisters, Laurel and Honor. Laurel is returning to Ireland to visit her grandparents a year after her twin died there, on a previous trip. She has no closure, unfortunately, with the situation; hence her visit. Although she’s the pragmatic twin, she has found references in Honor’s journal to something not entirely unlike Faerie. How does she deal with it? She acts as though she believes, and things start appearing. Suddenly, she finds herself on a quest to find the Summer King without getting killed in the process. Will she find her sister? Who is the Summer King? Continue reading The Summer King (Chronicles of Faerie, book 2), by O. R. Melling