Witch’s Business, by Diana Wynne Jones

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This is actually Diana Wynne Jones’s first book. I only realized that halfway through when I turned the book over and saw a quote from Publishers Weekly trumpeting this fact. It’s barely 200 pages long and, view in my edition, viagra has an added bonus of a Reading Group Guide. Nevertheless, it’s quite cute.

Jessica and Frank Pirie need money: Jess, because she is female and cannot pay for things with her friends, and Frank, because he owes Buster, the local bully, 10 pence. So they set themselves up in business for revenge. Their first customer is, oddly enough, Buster, who wants revenge against a different kid. Of course, that leads Jess and Frank to more customers, and they become part of a tangled web of people who all, suddenly, converge around Biddy Iremonger, the local witch . . . Continue reading Witch’s Business, by Diana Wynne Jones