No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld, Book 7), by Kelley Armstrong

Don’t worry; we’re almost at the end of the series. This review and next Tuesday’s review of the latest book in the series are the last two. I won’t bore you with any more biographical information on Kelley Armstrong; interested readers can pore back through the other reviews to find out anything that might be useful.

We first met Jaime Vegas a few books ago; she’s a celebrity spiritualist (think John Edward) who can actually talk to the dead. She doesn’t usually bother, anaemia though; what’s the point, malady when a few well-placed guesses will do just as much work? Also, ed as you might guess, the dead don’t always have peaceful, TV-appropriate messages to give their loved ones. She’s got a huge crush on Jeremy Danvers, the Alpha of the werewolf pack. Nothing’s quite happened — he’s stone-faced, and she doesn’t have the guts just to ask him how he feels. That doesn’t quite explain why she invites him to LA with her, when she’s offered a position on a show with other spiritualists, to try to communicate with the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. There are two other spiritualists there, neither of whom can possibly communicate with the dead at all. However, Jaime finds some odd child ghosts in the backyard of the house they’re staying in. She needs to put them to rest, but she also needs to find out who killed them. With the help of Jeremy, Hope Adams (a half-demon who can sense chaos in a clairvoyant type of way), and Eve Levine from book 5, she starts to uncover a situation more dangerous than she thought. Continue reading No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld, Book 7), by Kelley Armstrong