Dingo, by Charles de Lint

Charles de Lint has written over 50 books, website like this and he’s one of my favorite authors. Lately he’s taken to writing YA fantasy. I certainly don’t have a problem with that; previously I reviewed Little (Grrl) Lost and quite enjoyed it. This latest volume is a novella, 213 smaller-sized pages of an urban fantasy tale. It was released yesterday (which is today as I’m typing this).

Miguel Schreiber (his mother was Latina) is seventeen and minding his father’s comic book shop when the most amazing young lady he’s ever seen walks by, with a dog. The dog’s name is Em; the girl’s name is Lainey, and they’re from Australia. They talk for a while; Lainey’s guardian (her stepfather) is a bit weird, though, so Miguel can’t have her phone number or call on her or anything. Lainey feels the immediate connection, too — or at least she’s flirting back. The next day, however, he meets up with her on the beach, but she’s cold and distant and doesn’t seem to want his company. The dog, however, is much nicer than she was the day before. To top it all off, Miguel’s been having weird dreams about a forest in Australia. What gives? Continue reading Dingo, by Charles de Lint