The Hunter’s Moon (Chronicles of Faerie, book 1), by O. R. Melling

O. R. Melling is a woman, link who was born in Ireland, viagra sale lived in Canada for most of her childhood and young-adulthood, and moved back to Ireland as an adult. The name is a pseudonym, not that it matters, and her website has annoying trailing stars after the mouse. Other than that, it’s a good website, and a good pseudonym. This is not her first book, but it is the first in this particular series, and the first that I’ve read.

Gwen(hyfar) and Findabhair (Gwen-a-var and Finn-a-veer) are cousins; Gwen lives in America and Findabhair in Ireland. They’re best friends, despite the distance, and their names are even the same. Gwenhyfar and Findabhair both mean ‘white lady’, but the first is the Welsh derivation and the second is Irish. The summer that they are both sixteen, Gwen visits Findabhair and they decide to search for Faerie. Unfortunately, they find it: Findabhair is kidnapped, after a fashion, by the Sidhe high court, and Gwen must find her. Continue reading The Hunter’s Moon (Chronicles of Faerie, book 1), by O. R. Melling