A Curse as Dark as Gold, by Elizabeth C. Bunce

This book, buy released on Saturday, clinic came highly recommended by Tamora Pierce. I saw that it was a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin and realized I hadn’t read very many, urologist if any, full-length retellings of that particular fairy tale. I happened to glance at the copyright page, and saw that Elizabeth C. Bunce’s actual name is Stephanie Elizabeth Bunce. As a fellow Stephanie, I have to admit that I’m disappointed that she decided not to use her first name professionally. *sniff*

Charlotte Miller, seventeen, has just lost her father as this book opens. She has a younger sister, Rosie, who’s perhaps twelve or thirteen, and a mill. It’s perhaps the mid-seventeen-hundreds in a world rather analogous to England, and the mill has, for the past several years, been running on the edge of disaster for many years. In addition to the chancy market, as Charlotte discovers, there are odd occurrences that happen all the time — ruined bolts of cloth, broken floorboards, etc. Shortly after her father’s death, Charlotte discovers that he had taken out a mortgage on the mill — and the bank has sent a Mr. Randall Woodstone to collect. Luckily Mr. Woodstone turns out to be sympathetic — to the mill and also to Charlotte herself. Also, somewhat after the funeral, their mother’s brother, Mr. Wheeler, comes to visit. Sometimes he seems to be helping a lot, and sometimes he’s just a bit — odd. Things at the mill get stranger and more desperate, and when the mill is at its worst, a mysterious stranger shows up. As one might guess, he can spin straw into gold. Continue reading A Curse as Dark as Gold, by Elizabeth C. Bunce