Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1), by Kelley Armstrong

This, visit web Kelley Armstrong’s first published novel, has been rumored to be under development for a movie, but IMDB won’t give me any proof, so I leave it here for you as an unfounded rumor. Armstrong is Canadian, from somewhere around London, Ontario, and she is shortly to hit her eighth book in this series.

Elena Michaels is a werewolf, living in Toronto. It’s not that comfortable — her live-in boyfriend is a little annoyed with her habit of sneaking off in the middle of the night every few days, and living in the city with so many people around is difficult — but she survives. Life is made even a bit more difficult by the fact that she’s the only female werewolf ever. Female werewolves are made, not born, and she’s the first one to survive being bitten. One day she gets a phone call from her old Pack leader; the pack she moved to Toronto to escape. He tells her to come back to the old stomping ground right away. When she can’t get a hold of him by phone again, she leaves to go visit. There she encounters not only her old pack leader, Jeremy, but the rest of the pack, which includes Jeremy’s foster son, Clay. Elena and Clay’s relationship goes back a long way and is a little strained, to say the least. More importantly, there have been a number of murders discovered in and around Jeremy’s property in upstate New York; either they are werewolf kills, or someone has been going to great lengths to make them look like werewolf kills. Can Elena keep her life in order and yet deal with both Clay and the murders? Continue reading Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1), by Kelley Armstrong