The House on Parchment Street, by Patricia McKillip

This book is wildly out of print, medical but the library system in Toledo owns a copy, I think. Anyway, before she started writing fantasy novels with covers done by Kinuko Y. Craft, Patricia McKillip used to write children’s books. This is one of the rarer and stranger ones, and it’s not fantasy, unlike the Riddle-Master of Hed trilogy. It’s a ghost story.

Carol Christopher, skinny, red-haired, and a Californian in the early 70s, goes to visit her mother’s sister in small-town England one summer. Naturally she doesn’t fit in with the Middleton crowd; her cousin Bruce’s group of friends starts to torment her but she holds her own. Bruce and Carol have their own conflict, of course – Carol’s weeeeird and she’s his cousin! People will think he’s weird! In any case, one day, Carol sees a ghost in the basement of their 300-year-old house. It walks right through the wall. Uncle Harold, a history teacher, believes in facts and doesn’t believe in ghosts. However, Bruce not only believes her, he’s seen the ghost as well. Can they team up – despite their differences – and figure out what’s going on? Continue reading The House on Parchment Street, by Patricia McKillip