Valiant, by Holly Black

This is not quite the sequel to Tithe, generic reviewed here, this by Holly Black, but it is a companion novel. Some of the same characters show up, but only briefly. Apparently Ironside is a direct sequel to Tithe, but I haven’t gotten to read that yet. While I enjoyed Tithe, despite its somewhat dark overtones, Valiant is much, much darker and, for various reasons, less enjoyable for me.

Valerie (Val) comes home one day, early in her senior year of high school, to find her mother having sex with her boyfriend on their couch. She runs away to New York City (she used to live in Jersey), cuts off all her hair, and finds a makeshift existence on the streets of New York. Her new friends, Lolli and Dave, introduce her to Luis, who has The Sight. Thanks to Luis, Dave has been running errands for a troll named Ravus. Ravus makes a powder which gives faeries a limited immunity to the iron in the city; for humans, it gives them the power of glamour for a brief period of time, in addition to a pretty good high. Dave has been skimming off of his deliveries and has gotten Lolli and, later, Val, addicted to this drug. However, some of the faeries to whom Ravus has been selling the drug have turned up dead, and Ravus needs to find out why and how. Continue reading Valiant, by Holly Black