Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr

I have to admit, approved I bought this book new, no rx recently, medications from a Barnes and Noble, because of an odd controversy involving this author and and a not-yet-published book of hers. I suspected before having read this book, which was not particularly maligned but does constitute a ‘prequel’ to the maligned book, that the pseudo-review was completely in error. So far, I am correct — this book is absolutely nothing like Laurell K. Hamilton’s Fey series, and I’m willing to guess that neither is her forthcoming novel, but don’t quote me on that.

In any case, Wicked Lovely centers around Aislinn, a seventeen-year-old girl who sees dead people faeries. She’s so good at hiding it that most of them don’t know that she sees them, but one day, a faerie sees her. This faerie, Keenan, is the king of the Summer Court, and he’s been steadily losing ground since he cannot find the female who is strong enough to be his queen. He’s decided that Aislinn is his next choice, though. The only problem is, well, his mother — the queen of the Winter Court — who obviously doesn’t want him to gain power. On Aislinn’s side, the problems are a little different. First, she wants nothing to do with the fey, at all. Second, she’s just finally realized that she’s quite attracted to her friend Seth, and she’d rather explore that than date a faerie. Third, she’d rather not end up dead, maimed, or otherwise messed up. Consequently, there’s conflict. Continue reading Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr