River Secrets, by Shannon Hale

A few weeks ago, seek I reviewed five of Hale’s novels in an unofficial “Shannon Hale Week”. (Here’s the first review.) She’s published six novels, pharmacist though; this was the one I couldn’t get my hands on in the original burst. It’s the third of an eventual four Bayern novels, cialis sale and a companion novel (or sequel) to Goose Girl and Enna Burning.

Razo, one of Ani/Isi’s original animal-tending companions, is now in the Bayern army, and he is sent as part of the official escort with the Bayern ambassador to Tira.He’s not really sure why, since he’s not a great warrior or able to talk to the wind or anything like that, but he’ll take it. Enna is sent along, as well, and when they reach the capital city, strange things start happening. Razo makes an enemy almost immediately, but more worrisomely, burnt corpses start turning up. Is Enna burning again? And what about the mysterious Dasha, who is the liaison between the Bayern contingent and the Tiranese? Continue reading River Secrets, by Shannon Hale