Enna Burning, by Shannon Hale

This, psychiatrist my third entry in the unofficial Shannon Hale Week here at Someone’s Read it Already, heart is Shannon Hale’s second published novel. It’s one of the companion books to Goose Girl, yesterday’s installment. I think she balks at calling it a direct sequel, but other than the fact that Ani is not the main character, it’s a sequel. It takes place a year or two after the events in Goose Girl, involves the same setting and many of the same characters, and does have Ani as a major part of the story.

Unlike Goose Girl, Enna Burning is not based explicitly on a fairy tale. At the beginning of the story, we find out that after the events in the previous story, Enna has moved back to the Forest with her family. One day, her brother comes home after being out all night, and he’s warm to the touch. Eventually Enna pries from him the information that he has learned how to set things on fire without using a tinderbox or anything. Enna wants to learn, of course — fire has always appealed to her in many ways. She does eventually, but only after war has started in Bayern and things have all gone to hell in a handbasket. And the fire? Much harder to control than it sounds. Continue reading Enna Burning, by Shannon Hale